Do’s and don’ts’ a new hiker needs to know

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Hiking doesn’t need any superpowers. It is just like walking but needs to put a bit extra effort when you are hiking a mountain. Here, in hiking, you must be conscious of the route you are going. Having a map in your hand is a must. There will be no one in and around your area, you may not even get any help as well, so better you can hike the known area when you are a beginner. Before all, you must know how much heat does a candle produce? It is to calculate to spread warmness in your tent. So scroll down to know more about it things you need to know before your first hike.

Hiking for beginners

  • The first biggest mistake many beginners do is they overdo things. They choose a hike that is too long or which has too much climbing, for beginners it may be difficult. To avoid that, you can compensate by doing the extra mile or having two each week to reach your target.
  • One good thing about beginning hiking is that you need not rely on any special gear. Yet you have to know a few things. Let us start with clothing, usually, when it comes to beginners they would wear heavy clothing like jeans and regular clothes. These clothes will become heavier when you are sweaty. So, you can shift to workout clothes which are best to absorb sweats. Likewise, long pants and long sleeves may not be comfortable during the hot season. In such a case you can roll up your sleeve when it is hot.

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  • Good pair of shoes is important. Specifically, sneakers or trail runners are usually the best choices. Don’t totally depend on the weather, sometimes the climate may change in a few places as well. It is better to be prepared for rain or for the temperature to go up or down.
  • Every hike needs prep work. While this preparation you have to check the weather, if you find the weather looks crazy, bad, and wet you need to do the hike on another day. Before you start your hike, you must know how much heat does a candle producethis will help you to calculate how fast your tent gets warm. To save your life you will have to choose a person so that you can tell them where you are while hiking, if you lose your way or some bad happens this may be helpful.

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