Is Drinking Whiskey Good For Your Health?

Is Drinking Whiskey Good For Your Health?

I tried to understand the soul of whiskey and even if its moderate use can be useful for a person’s well-being. Obviously consuming a modest amount of each distillate has no negative effect on health, it is important not to overdo it. Two fingers of Whiskey once in a while I don’t think it can harm your health whiskey.

Distillates are mixtures of water and alcohol obtained from the fermentation of some raw materials such as cereals, wine, pomace, sugar cane, potatoes, juniper berries, and various fruits.

For example in South America Tequila and Mescal are obtained from agave, in Mexico the fermented sap of the cactus is distilled, In India flowers are fermented and distilled ,


Distillation is a physical operation that separates the various constituents of a mixture such as water, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and butyl alcohol . If we wanted to separate the three alcohols from the water, we need to heat this mixture in a still called alembic. The alembic is made up of a container for liquids to be distilled called a boiler. A column that is inserted in the boiler which serves to fractionate the various constituents of the liquid.

To produce a distillate, the blend has to go through numerous operations; fermentation, distillation, stabilization, aging in barrels, visual, olfactory, and gustatory examination .

Malt whiskey must be aged in oak barrels , a symbol of strength. During this aging in wood various phenomena take place in the distillate that modify its original composition, such as extraction of wood components, redox reactions, acetalization, esterification, etc. acquisitions of flavors.

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