Evolution Of Condo Interior Design

condo interior design

In the history of mankind, after discovering food, dress we discovered shelter which bring us much more safety and stability. After having enough a better lifestyle and food we move forward toward our shelter, which bring a new term which is now commonly known as interior designing.

In present era house is one of our asset as well as liability and having a good vibes and look is the essential part of the life. So condo interior design and interior decorator is most frequent terms we used.

History and it’s importance

And also the first interior designer is from Egypt who’s named ‘de Wolfe popularizes animal-print carpets and upholstery’ and this long title is given by her.

condo interior design

Evolution and current preference

  • Ancient India: Architects in India used to design and they are the interior designer and can be seen from the references of Vishwakarma bhagwan, the architect, who is one of the gods in Indian mythology. Moreover, the sculptures, depicting ancient texts and events
  • From 12th to 16th century: in this period there is highly growth of art and culture, rich people are highly influenced by the paintings, music, portraits and many more. This is the one of the expanding era for interior designing.
  • From 17th to 18th century: The Baroque period Itlay was expanding towards the north region during this period of time some cities in around mid-18th century like Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, and Genoa rejected Baroque design elements in the favoring the argument of Italy nostalgic feeling.
  • After 18th century: it is an important for wealthy people and also a important part of life style

Difference between designer and decorator

Art of designing and art of art of furnishing any thing is totally different things, in designing we consider the arrangement of light board switches, great knowledge of passing wires through wiring is interior designing while decorating like placing flowerpot, arranging decorating light is the main focus of interior decorator

Some interesting facts:

  1. Elsie de Wolfe is appreciating interior designers to work and helping out for courses and all. American Actress Elsie De Wolfe helping make Interior Decorating A Profession.
  2. Doctor’s are using green plants and green sheet to help psychologically, which is a part of interior designing
  3. There is a new term known as natural interior designer who design the environment with the help of bamboo, cork, hemp, cotton, stone, and clay which is economical and eco-friendly.
  4. People of late 60s and 70s using this organic decorator to decorate their avocado-colored toilet, sink, bathtub, flooring and etc.

To have good vibes and environment, interior are really a part of life.

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