What to know about the Colonoscopy in Singapore?

What to know about the Colonoscopy in Singapore?

Colonoscopy is a special type of surgery which is performed regularly in today’s time. Colorectal Cancer has become very common in a place like Singapore in recent years between 2014-18z there have been many cases of this type of cancer that is reported by the cancer registry in Singapore. Many cases don’t get detected easily and it becomes very late after a point and it cannot be prevented if not taken care of at the right time. Hence going through a colonoscopy screening is the best possible way to fight this cancer. It helps with the early detection of polyps and the chances of survival become more.

What is colorectal cancer?

Colorectal cancer is a severe disease that impacts the colon. Colorectal cancer starts from polyps – a variety of expansion that’s precancerous or usually cancerous cropping up alongside the interior of the colon. They usually exhibit no signs in the premature phases until cancer has progressed to an additional intense phase of metastasis, which will demonstrate far additional difficulty for a patient’s entire recovery.

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It’s not like other cancers, this colorectal cancer has a far elevated speed of full healing if glimpsed and dealt with early, with up to 90% of early-detection possibilities bringing in whole healing. This accentuates the implication of colonoscopy in colorectal cancer screening in Singapore to promote adequate therapy.

Where can one learn about it?

One can Learn more about the cost, risks and preparation for colonoscopy screening in Singapore here. on special online sites. These online sites provide all the details that will help in getting a final idea about the procedure. They have solutions as well as treatments that will help a patient gain more knowledge about the same.


The procedure is not complicated at all. It usually lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour in a place like Singapore. It is a painless procedure which is conducted under the normal effects of anaesthesia. The doctors performing the session utilize the colonoscope to get various images of the colon and rectum wall which helps in identifying as well as removing the polyps which makes it a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic procedure. Since colorectal cancer is usually common among men, this procedure is a key part of the screening process for cancer. It is usually for residents who are above 50 in the country.

To conclude, it is always advisable for patients to get the treatment started at an early stage. One must always be alert and make sure to inform a doctor if they are facing any kind of pain. The process is straightforward and has proved to be very effective for many people. Hence it is always advised to go for the process with suitable doctors and clinics.

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