Should You Shave Before a Limo Ride?

Whilst you are in the midst of preparing your physical appearance and optimizing it based on your limo ride intentions, you will be faced with a really major decision at any given point in time. This decision would involve choosing between keeping your beard for the limo ride or alternatively simply shaving it off and opting for a clean look instead. While many might try to suggest that the former is the way to go, our strong opinion on the matter at hand is that the latter would serve you far better in the short term as well as the long run.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that beards are just not in style these days. If you were trying out Cleveland limo services ten years ago, sporting a lumberjack look might have helped quite a bit. However, we are not in that decade at all, but are rather in the present day. Hence, you should conform to the fashion sentiments of how people live in the present, and sporting a clean shaven look is actually a pretty big part of this type of scenario.

What’s more is that being clean shaven is going to help you feel a lot more comfortable as well which certainly holds a fair amount of importance. Beards can start to become really scratchy over time, and you don’t want to start scraping at your face when you are in a limo after all. A nice clean shave will help you to avoid the heat that comes with beards, and eventually you will be really glad that you didn’t keep the beard

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