Security drivers should practice advanced defensive driving

security driver

Defensive driving and vehicle dynamics are fundamental skills for security drivers. If you cannot drive, you cannot escape a potentially dangerous situation. To be a professional security driver, you must have the ability to get out of a bad situation and have in-depth knowledge of using the vehicle to its full capacity regardless of the weather or vehicle type.

Each type of security vehicle has different specifications, especially the more expensive and high-end vehicles. The security driver will typically operate a different type of vehicle from one task to the next, requiring them to be familiar with the intricacies. In addition to various driver aids such as ABS, Yaw Control, Heads up Display, Sat Nav, Headlamp Assist, and Multifunction Steering Wheel, these types of vehicles often come equipped with several modes including normal, economy, and sport.

A driver needs to understand how his vehicle works and what it is capable of to get the maximum benefit from it. Understanding how the driver can get the most out of his vehicle is essential. When a security driver knows all about the vehicle he is driving, he can utilize it effectively and feel confident behind the wheel. Many security drivers take a variety of courses throughout their careers. For instance, they might take a firearms course or a course in surveillance.

security driver

These courses allow them to sharpen their skills in security. The importance of defensive driving cannot be overstated, however. It is equally vital to understand the importance of security driving. Defensive driving may seem boring to some, but if you are unable to perform the basics of driving correctly, you will not have the knowledge needed to handle an emergency.

Inevitably, the vast majority of security drivers won’t ever have to escape and save the lives of their principals. The majority of the time, they will do mundane driving tasks, such as picking up and taking their high-net-worth clients to and from meetings, navigating traffic, or cruising the highway. Children running in front of vehicles, buses suddenly stopping in front of them, or emergency lane changes can all cause excitement.

Some may find these situations mundane, while others may even call them boring. Regardless, having the ability to assess these situations safely does matter just as much as having security skills. In addition to this, security drivers can be assigned to drive manual vehicles some days, automatic vehicles the next, sedans, saloons, SUVs the next week, and B-6 armored vehicles the week after that.

Those seeking to remain in the country or work from home have turned to online learning as a way to stay connected and interact with the outside world.  In addition to enhancing your knowledge and staying safe, taking an e-learning course has been proven to be very effective. The number of defensive driving courses available for sale online is quite high, but none goes into the level of detail and depth that this one does.

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