Phases of post-construction cleaning

Sand, filth, and trash pollute the area throughout the building project. Building sites are notoriously filthy; this is why many families find a place to live while their house is being renovated. Given the type of the market and the number of individuals that enter the premises every day, this is fair. The contractual timeframe would be cut in half if the employees were cleansed along with their work. Contractors are instead planning post construction cleaning in Oklahoma City. Experienced cleaners that specialize in this sort of technique are usually hired to do the task. Major projects need deep cleaning, and experts have access to tools and materials that builders often don’t. Let us look into the phases of post construction cleaning.

  • Rough clean: The rough cleaning is the initial step, which takes place during the building process. More precisely, it starts once the builders have completed the piping, electrical, and construction. The cleaning staff can then gets entry to the property and remove the dirt, garbage, and labels. As the names imply, the rough clean is the period to physically gather up and clean the region before another building step commences. Deep cleaning isn’t necessary because employees will be coming to the site. This phase, though, is critical since it prevents the building area from becoming overrun with rubbish and trash. Building workers and professionals will add flooring, cabinets, and paint after the preliminary cleaning.
  • Final clean: It is the second phase, which happens only after the building on the property is completed. This is the deepest cleaning phase, which might require some days for specialists to accomplish. They concentrate on thorough cleaning all areas and, if necessary, repeat the processes from stage one. The only duties left must be the final touch-ups which should be done after the complete work is done. . Special consideration is paid to the kitchen, restrooms, and rooms, but minor spaces are also cleaned and sanitized. Professional cleaners will polish the floor to its finest appearance. This involves, polishing stone or ceramic floors. They also have carpet cleaning devices at their disposal.
  • Touch-up clean: The cleaning procedure concludes with a touch-up cleaning. The work crew and vendors have conducted their last inspection and finish the task at this stage. As a result, the cleaning staff can safely clean up glass, doorways, and surfaces that may contain scuff marks. They may hand wash objects and ensure all of them is clean now that the dust has settled.


Finally, as you know have the complete information about the post construction cleaning, make sure you plan for the cleaning.

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