Why you should try caramel popcorns from The Kettle Gourmet?

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One of the greatest popcorn in Singapore comes from The Kettle Gourmet. they have a wide selection of regionally inspired popcorn flavors, from salted popcorn to sweet and savory popcorn, all of which are fan favorites. Traditional flavors like caramel popcorn as well as chocolate popcorn are also available for your enjoyment.

It was just a pastime, to begin with. While Zac, the company’s founder, was at the theatre enjoying some popcorn, he caught a whiff of the mouthwatering and enticing scent of nasi lemak. The idea struck him all of a sudden: why not incorporate the flavor of nasi lemak into popcorn? 2017 was the beginning of the adventure, and he hasn’t turned back since then.

Who would have imagined that out of all the many kinds of food Singapore might have come up with, popcorn would be on the menu? The Kettle Gourmet has developed into one of the most successful popcorn producers and distributors in Singapore. They provide a genuinely hand-baked popcorn snack that is seasoned with one-of-a-kind flavors that are exclusive to the area. they serve thousands of happy clients every day and spread joy to every nook and cranny of Singapore as well as the rest of the globe with popcorn delivery service, which is available islandwide and globally.

Myriad product offerings

Because they put innovation at the center of the company, the possibilities around snacks are almost limitless. In the next weeks and months, keep an eye on us as they continue to develop and broaden product offerings.

Make unforgettable experiences that are uniquely yours. By providing delicious flavors that are both exciting and distinctive, goods make snacking a joyful experience by bringing about joyful moments. With The Kettle Gourmet, munching will never stop being both entertaining and beneficial. they have some wonderful news to share with those of you who are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and frequent the gym. Throughout the whole baking process, they only use 100% pure canola oil, which is how they ensure that popcorn does not contain any trans fats. When you take a bite out of one, you’ll immediately recognize the difference. Additionally, popcorn is halal popcorn, and its certification and approval have been received. go-to popcorn delivery Singapore should contact for their private and business occasions if they are not currently striving to be the popcorn wholesaler in Singapore and the nations that are nearby.

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