Outsourcing Advanced Customer Support To Pure Moderation: Learn More

call center outsourcing

Pure Moderation is a multi-service BPO company that has existed worldwide. Their priority offers consumers customized, reasonably priced solutions suited to their needs. However, Pure Moderation has offices across Asia and sends out many multilingual staff.

Learn more about call center outsource from Pure Moderation.

Company procedures that operate a third-party service provider are referred to as business process outsourcing or BPO because they aim to manage and administer the Key Performance Indicators. They will perform KPI because it measures the success of a business in that

particular activity engaged. Pure Moderation will manage projects, operations, and non-core activities to several BPO models.Learn more about call center outsource from Pure Moderation.

call center outsourcing

Which benefits may outsourcing Pure Moderation provide?

If your business is expanding quickly, you’ll probably need to expand the scope of your support services. Here is a selection of some of Pure Moderation’s various customer care options that help your company get the press it deserves.

  • Technical Support Services Outsource

Customers contact your tech support staff if they have an “IT” problem. Customers desire a service focused on them and anticipate speedy solutions to their difficulties. Pure Moderation offers experienced technical support for business process outsourcing (BPO) every day of the year, including holidays.

  • Retail Customer Supports

Pure Moderation agents will provide customer service with custom scripting as if you were directly addressing customers’ issues. You won’t ever have to worry about unanswered calls or emails resulting in lost revenue to easy scalability during peak season.

  • E-Commerce Customer Support

Everything that goes through online distinguishes eCommerce from conventional retail the most. They offer a “knowledge base” with FAQs, guides, or articles on particular topics. Pure Moderation provides the expertise, know-how, and experience to ensure that your customers have the best possible experiences.

  • Customer Email Support

Responding to consumer emails takes a lot of time. More and more emails start to arrive as your business grows. They will collaborate with an email support outsourcing partner. The reputation of Pure Moderation in the world of customer email assistance is solid and increasing.

  • Live Chat Support

Pure Moderation employs only devoted and attentive live chat operators through our specific hiring procedure. Ensuring your company is prepared to address consumers’ problems around-the-clock and provide flexible work hours.

  • Social Media Customer Support

Social media customer service representatives will monitor mentions of your brand on various platforms. They’ll also provide prompt responses to queries, carry out sentiment research to discover more about your clients, and prepare analysis reports to aid you in looking for further growth prospects.

  • Outsourcing for In-App Customer Support

Pure Moderation offers the whole spectrum of outsourcing mobile app services and support, both on the technical and customer care sides, allowing you to focus on your core business while reaping the benefits of favorable reviews and higher app store ratings.

  • Video Chat Customer Support

Using video chat for customer service increases response times, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Pure Moderation’s video chat customer service will identify a problem’s fundamental cause and increase first contact resolution rates.

  • Ticket Customer Support

Through Pure Moderation’s omnichannel ticketing solution, customer discussions from any channel or support system are visible to the entire team. Many factors, like the location and language of the customer’s email subject line, can automatically prioritize tickets. Collaboration makes information gathering from tickets and problem resolution easier.

  • Multilingual Call Center Services

The customer service representatives at Pure Moderation are fluent in 27 languages, including English, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa, Malay, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean,  Italian, French, and German. Every day, every day of the week, for 52 weeks a year.

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