Is it worth it to buy a Motor Guide xi3 trolling motor?


The new motor guide xi3 trolling motor has a remote control that prepares it to fish right out of the crate. There’s no requirement for costly additional items. Right from the beginning, you’ll feel from any place on the boat with the helpful handheld remote. The Xi3 offers a top-tier calm activity that ultimately depends on 40% quieter than other savaging engines. With the SecureStep framework, putting away and it is protected and simple to send the Xi3. Setting the engine free from its locked position and raising it to put out and go simply makes a solitary stride on the delivery switch from a comfortable standing position. These Xi3 models incorporate the elite Pinpoint GPS module that permits you to zero in on fishing while at the same time exploiting GPS capacities like an anchor, heading lock, and course record, and that’s just the beginning.

Pinpoint GPS Because Accuracy Matters

Pinpoint GPS takes boat control to a higher level. Pinpoint GPS has a coordinated recipient, and two advanced compasses guarantee exactness and dependability. The mix of Pinpoint GPS and the motor guide xi3 trolling motor makes sure to fulfill obsessive people and make your fishing more compensating than any other time.

GPS capacities include:

  • Anchor Mode – When at an ideal spot, you can secure in the GPS coordinate and remain “moored” inside a couple of feet, even in wind and current.
  • Run – While in Anchor mode, utilize the Jog component to move your position five feet toward any path, as frequently as you need.
  • Heading Lock – Choose a heading and pinpoint GPS that keeps you on a straight-line course until it is delivered to Head Lock.
  • Course Record/Playback – Record and store eight courses up to four miles in length. Get back to and replay a put-away system from any place.
  • Voyage Control – While in progress utilizing Heading Lock or Route Playback, Cruise Control will keep a consistent boat speed.

Out-of-the-Box compact handheld wireless remote. We minimized handheld controllers of the Xi3 from any place on the boat. A saltwater model with corrosion-resistant coating: The lower unit is safeguarded with an exclusive three-covering interaction to endure consumption. Lowrance connectivity compatible: Associate the Xi Series engine with Pinpoint GPS to viable Lowrance shows for absolute boat control. This consistent innovation interface makes it simple to augment Pinpoint GPS usefulness and think up new fishing systems.

  • There’s no restriction to the number of waypoints you can save, which makes it simple to your spots.
  • Program your number one savaging courses, set your speed, and fish like a master.
  • Target promising areas by utilizing constant information on design, and the sky is the limit from there.


Computerized Power Management

Advanced Power Management Technology gives smooth and exact variable speed control from 0% to 100 percent choke and expanded battery duration (up to a bit longer). Profoundly productive, best-in-class parts have lower fevers, which implies more push to the engine. Furthermore, brilliant shields safeguard the machine while working under extreme circumstances.

Simple-to-use stow and deploy with a convenient release lever

A vast delivery switch triggers both put-away and conveys capacities from a standing situation for safe and straightforward activity. Visual and perceptible signals demonstrate when the engine is secured in the stashed position.

Simple to-read LED dashboard.

The Xi3 involves LED lights in the regulator so fishers can rapidly look at the situation with four critical capacities in any light condition – Power ON/System Ready, Propeller ON, Pinpoint GPS System Active, and three degrees of battery duration.

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